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From South African red carpets to standing eloquently at the Cannes Film Festival, Jen Su is no stranger to the industry with her A-List events that have helped shaped her brand.

With her book entitled “From Z to A-Lister: How To Build Your Personal Brand”, Jen Su talks about her challenges in the industry, while staying glamorous.  In her book, she cites a few pointers on how to grow your brand from the ground to the sky without breaking a leg. She says it is not easy but all worth it at the end, just as long as diligence and respect is invested towards the brand – the rest will fall into place.

In her terribly busy schedule, Jen Su managed to squeeze us in to answer our questions as we wanted to know what she’s been up to overseas.

This high life butterfly has set foot in London for LONDON FASHION WEEK, attended the OSCARS and other prominent events in America and parts of Asia, in addition to Africa. Just by her events alone, Jen Su is undoubtedly a jet setter and the ball just never drops — the TV and radio presenter is always on top of her game.

We spoke to her about her experience attending LFW, she excitedly shares that the event from start to finish is one to write home about, from the level of security, designers and A-listers who were in attendance.  Not only A-listers but Her Majesty the Queen herself had attended the recent LFW for the first time Jen Su shared.  Amongst the top designer shows Jen Su has attended include Stella McCartney, whose work was seen at the recent Royal Wedding with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Jen Su’s  ultimate pointer she shares about attending events overseas, is the amount of security that is present.  You can imagine that is one of the top requirements due to the number of international celebrities that attend those events such as the Oscars, The BET Awards etc – which Jen Su says at one time it took her about an hour to check in on the red carpet because of road closures and a tight security protocol.

She adds that events in SA such as the SAFTAS are very big and well attended, but due to budgeting and the larger scale of sponsorship abroad, international events tend to be more well executed.

For A listers travelling abroad soon, or at least in the near future — Jen Su advises that people plan in advance and even though there is a plan in place, there is always a lot of unexpected incidents so you have got to be ready.

She cites on how busy it gets at international airports such as JFK in New York, Heathrow and Dubai.

According to Jen Su, “My favourite lounge is British Airways The First Wing at Heathrow Terminal 5. It was built last year and offers an exclusive experience, which is so helpful when you need a rest, recharge, and a bite to eat on the go.

There is very good duty free shopping, but in general, most of us frequent travelers  are too busy getting from one terminal to the other, to think about shopping. Make sure you allocate plenty of time to get to your gate, or the plane will take off without you! Check in online to save time.”

She invites us to join her in her journey, and visit these amazing places which she believes are a “must see” in the world :

New York City (USA), Cannes (France), Doha (Qatar), Milan (Italy), Hong Kong (China) and Shanghai (China).

She however thinks also our very own Cape Town is a must see and most definitely Thailand.

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