KHULI CHANA, SHO MADJOZI & TREVOR STUURMAN unveil signature Absolut Vodka bottles

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ABSOLUT Vodka is launching a new set of
limited edition bottles celebrating three South African artists who
headlined the inaugural *One Source Live Festival* of African creativity
earlier this year.

Musicians Khuli Chana, Sho Madjozi and fashion stylist, Trevor
Stuurman will have their One Source Live superhero alter egos adorn the
iconic Absolut bottles as collectable objects of popular design.

The three bottle designs feature Khuli Chana as The Dragon, Sho Madjozi
as The Rain Queen and Trevor Stuurman as The Explorer.

The three join a celebrated list of international artists who’ve partnered
with Absolut over the years beginning in 1986 with Andy Warhol and Keith
Haring;  emphasising the brand’s support of creativity as a force for
positive change in the world.

“It was important for us to create the latest limited edition bottles to
emphasise our commitment to these African creative artists. It’s a further
statement of our belief in the power of creativity to transform society and
change the way the world thinks about Africa and its people,” Mongezi
Sokanyile, Brand Manager (Absolut).

This is not the first time Khuli Chana features on an Absolut bottle.  In
2016, he became the first African artist to feature on an exclusive
screen-printed Signature Edition Bottle that honoured honour his anthemic
award winning One Source album, video and campaign.

The limited edition bottles are now on sale with Makro stocking Trevor
Stuurman exclusively, Shoprite stocking Sho Madjozi exclusively and Tops @
Spar Khuli Chana exclusively. By purchasing all three consumers will
acquire an instant ABSOLUT limited edition collection.

The new Absolut limited edition bottles will only be available to consumers
in the South African markert.

"This couldn't have come at a better time where Africans need to unite and
become their own superheroes; not just for themselves but for the everyday
kid on the street. This next phase is truly about the power of
collaboration for me and this is what happens when great ideas come to
life. This bottle is not just about me but all African creative - it
represents African unity and power as the One Source,” says *Khuli Chana*.

“It’s an honour and a great reinforcement of our partnership together with
Absolut. I feel like it is a new and exciting chapter for all of us,”
says *Trevor

Said *Sho Madjozi*, “I can't believe it! It is just the biggest honor to be
pictured on a brand that I love.”

Other great artists and cities that have lent their genius to the brand
include *Chinese avant-garde artist Gao Yu* who designed the
first-ever China limited edition *Absolut* bottle, *Mexican artist Dr.
Lakra*, and the cities *London* and *Miami*.

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