The Soul feeding trip to Johannesburg and its Restaurants

by Akhona Mongameli

Johannesburg is known to be the City of hustle, the fast paced lifestyle and of cause a business hub. It makes it seem busier and less friendly than other cities with a very slow life such as Cape Town. This time around I viewed the City of Jozi with different lenses, jumping from one restaurant to the next, and in all of them being welcomed with a brighter smile that oozed with love and so much warmth. For me until today, nothing beats being made feel special as that does something to ones’ self esteem.


My morning this past Saturday started out on a high note grinding in the streets of Johannesburg north, I hung out at ARBOUR CAFÉ AND COURTYARD for a stunning breakfast which gave me the boost to go ahead with the rest of the busy day. When you order breakfast anywhere, all you want is to be served fresh products on your plate; a breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is able to channel your day into being positive- atleast that is my belief. Arbour Café and Courtyard gave me breakfast that ticked all my fences, that brought smile onto my face and I knew this was home. You know when you are out at a restaurant and then you get to meet and greet with the actual owner, then believe me you have found yourself a home, stay there. Larry who is the owner of this establishment welcomed me with so much love and sincerity and I felt it.


Tell me what breakfast is for an A LISTER without pairing it with a bottle of a METHOD CAP CLASSIC – champagne champagne darling!! This is the best part; this propels one to a full function with every button of the body saying OKAY YES I WILL! The hospitality for me at Arbour Café and Courtyard was the best – starting off my small getaway into Johannesburg, though I was late but that was all washed away by the perfect scenery that gave me a peace of mind.


As if this was not enough, finishing off breakfast at Arbour Café and Courtyard, Bjorn who is the marketing manager of this establishment then arrived and insisted that I pop in at Voodo Lily Café which is right next door of Arbour café, also owned by the ever Friendly Larry. I was already so full when I got to Voodo Lily Café I starred at the menu hoping that it would suggest what t order, I knew I had to choose. The day had already gone, the time to start with a bit of Gin had already come and the sun was up, the heat had struck my neck dry. I knew this had to be quenched, what then is better than G and Ts in ice? That goes down very well; I eventually found solace and touched base again. In a nutshell, the fun I had this past weekend in the establishment owned by Lary for me that was the highlight of my entire trip.


Imagine three restaurants in one day? I was sitting at Voodo Lily Café wondering okay Lord help me, how will on earth will I get to CALEXICO on 44 STANLEY ROAD BRAAMFONTEIN? This is where I was set up for lunch and a few drinks, then head back to my Hotel. This life though, I arrived at this place which was pumping with noise of a live band you could hardly hear anyone talking, I was thinking wow such a party mid day!! Am I still in South Africa? I told somebody that I feel as though I have just skipped the country, this environment had such buzz, old people, the youth, middle aged- everyone was out to have a good time. It was the first for me to see such a buzz in a total mid day, I am used to my own city which is very laid back, and the only noise you hear is the waves of the ocean. I enjoyed this different experience of music pumping and the people just having a good jol.


At Calexico I was doing the final touches, all I wanted was my chardonnay paired with a beautiful steak meal which of cause went down so well. I must admit if I were to relive this past weekend of the 9th of March, I would do it with my eyes closed and never look back, I met also amazing people that still showed me love, friendliness and UBUNTU!



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