by Akhona Mongameli

Gin has over the recent became the most preferred drink, in South Africa alone Gin is consumed by 80% of the youth and party goers. Gin is a beverage which South Africans have associated with some sort of status quoi, Instagrammers have centralised this drink and made it the only fabulous drinkable to snap on a Friday evening in Camps Bay or Sandton – if not having a bubble! With all that and more going on, fear  of missing out – we need to do it responsibly and mind a lot of things because not all GIN brands are consumer friendly. We need to choose wisely and take note of our health and how the drinking will  have an after effect the next day! With the introduction of Greenall’s Gin in my life, I rested assured  that all is under control. Let the snaps begin and cheers to the high life!

Reasons why I love Greenall’s Gin.

  • Greenall’s is one of very few leading brands who does not use sugar in its original handcrafted pink gin, so Wild Berry is sugar-free and contains no artificial sweeteners.
  • Most pink gins on the market are flavoured with strawberry, however Greenall’s Wild Berry combines blackberries and raspberries with its award-winning Original London Dry Gin to deliver a naturally flavoured pink gin which offers something a bit different.
  • Greenall’s Wild Berry represents a twist on the classic gin experience – its fruitier flavour has appeal for even the most juniper-averse drinkers.
  • Greenall’s has a range of ready drink serves which comes pre-mixed in a can, so convenience no longer means sacrificing on taste and it is perfect for summer!

According to the Distiller – Joanne Moore; as  the brand they prefer to allow the botanical flavours to come through and provide a natural taste and sweetness that complements the juniper character and to add a mouthfull taste without the use of SUGAR.

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